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Paouris Practice Picks have 2mm thickness and a standard shape. They are designed to make practice harder, so you can advance faster.


How the practice picks work:

Like with everything else, success comes through effort and long hours of practice.

However, with a pick that makes playing up to 70% harder, half an hour of practice is equivalent to up two hours of practice with a normal pick.
In his book “Philosophy of Art”, Michael Paouris focuses on the importance of mind, soul and body working in sync, in order to achieve complete control of the wrist. The body must be able to follow the mind effortlessly. The aim is to achieve the ultimate motion of the hand that holds the pick, so that it does exactly what the melody dictates, be it simple or complex.

When you start playing with the Practice Picks, the material will gradually start to wear out, and you’ll get a gritty sound from the friction between the pick and the strings. It’s that friction that makes practice harder. After a while, when you go back to your normal picks you will notice a big difference in how you play.

Please notice:

Do not try to smooth out the pick by rubbing it with fabric or other materials in order to decrease the friction and the unpleasant sound. In time and as you practice, it will happen naturally. You will feel the difference when the practice pick starts to feel like a normal pick.

For best results:

Consider using the practice picks while studying the technique “Ypsilon – A Technique for the Pick” and the book “50 exercises for the Bouzouki”. Suggested practice time: 60 minutes/session.

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