Complete Bouzouki/Guitar Course with Michael Paouris


The complete Bouzouki/Guitar 3-month course / learning path covers an extensive curriculum that you would otherwise have to spend 3-4 years in Art Conservatory classes to learn.

24 video courses, books from Michael Paouris’ bibliography, as well as exclusive tips and information you won’t find in any other of our products.

The complete Bouzouki/Guitar 3-month course is perfect for those of you who wish to deepen their understanding and follow a disciplined practice to achieve musical mastery.

The course includes:
  • 300 exercises on Technique
  • All Major and Minor scales
  • 3rds and 7ths chords
  • Introduction to Taximi and Improvisation
  • HQ Backing Tracks
  • Active listening exercises
  • Rhythm
  • Practice schedule
  • Introduction to studio performance
  • Introduction to composition
  • Organization of material

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